Friday, 6 February 2015

Lush Livingston Blogger Event

Well hi there! It's been a while my friends but what better reason to jump back into the blogosphere than an amazing Lush event?!

Last night, myself and 9 other local bloggers were invited along to our local Lush store for a preview of all this years Mothers Day goodies. I have never been so giddy in all my days. 

So after a glass of (non-alcoholic) fizz and a mini cupcake because, y'know, Thursdays are hard, we got down to the nitty gritty of the fab new releases!

Lots of lovely treats. Two bath bombs, three bubble bars, a shower gel, a body conditioner and some gift sets- so much to choose from! 

Mother Superior Bubble Bar

Rose Bubble Bar - it's inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Enough Said

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar

Secret Garden Bath Bomb
Now you may notice that theres a few photos missing- my only excuse is I was too busy sniffing things and dancing a happy dance to take photos of the beautiful Rose Bombshell bath bomb and the Yummy Mummy range. I have both in my possession so you'll be sick of the sight of them by the time I've finished reviewing.

They've also brought out beautiful gift sets - full of bath stuff to give mums a break and at a variety of price points so there really is something for everyone!

'Love you Mum' has some Love You Mum soap, Helping Hands hand cream (who doesn't love that bad boy, lets be honest) and one of the new offerings, the Secret Garden bath bomb. At £14.50, this is such an affordable set and perfect for that last minute dash the morning of Mother's Day! 

The second, bigger gift box is simply entitled 'Mum'. In this one we have the new Yummy Mummy shower gel and body conditioner - both of which have a heavenly sweet scent - with a selection of some old favourites. The Comforter bubbles bar and Blackberry bath bomb for a relaxing night in. Plus Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion and Honey I Washed the Kids soap.
This is another amazing selection of products and, unlike some Lush sets, theres not a single thing in there you wouldn't use. All of them are absolutely gorgeous. And at £29.95, it's a really affordable treat for your lovely mum and better than flowers if you ask me!

Last but not least, we have The Mother's Day Tin. This is my personal favourite because it's all bath and four out of five products are new. The beautiful new Rose bubble bar, the Secret Garden bath bomb, the Ultraviolet bubble bar and Rose Bombshell are all beautiful new additions and I hope and I pray that they are made permanent! The last member of this family is the Sakura bath bomb which gives the most beautifully fizzy bath. Now this wasn't priced up yet but I imagine it will be around the same price as the 'Mum' gift box which makes it amazing value again. Good job Lush!

At this amazing event we also got to make our own Big Blue bath bomb and an Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, both of which we got to take home with us. The flabby staff also gave us a tour of their cosmetics range which I will confess to not knowing too much about but call me a convert because that stuff is good! We had our emotional brilliance colours done which is a really fun, wheel of fortune style thing but weirdly, the colours I picked were strangely relevant to how I was feeling yesterday…Mystic Meg's got nothing on Lush! 

So apparently the first colour you pick is your strength or weakness (I need more zen in my life for sure so spot on). The second is something you're looking for; I finish college in 3 months…security please?! Your last colour is (if I remember correctly) something you have and need to use more of; trusting my gut more often perhaps? Don't know if they're all colours I would wear - I love the middle eyeliner colour though! But it's a great fun concept and I'm glad someone is realising the power makeup has over the way we feel.
I plan to buy a few pieces in the range (to add to the beautiful lipstick they gifted us!) over the next few months so get ready for some reviews!

Basically, this was an amazing event and I will be spending my entire weekend in the bath.

What are your favourite lush products? Will you be treating your mum for Mother's Day?

Lauren x